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Every second user searches online about the best VPN app for android. There are 1000+ android applications available on Google Play store, but choosing the best option for your device is quite difficult. In this article we will cover one of the app from the Google Play Store that offer high security and protection while online browsing. This app has amazing features and options that help you.

In this article we will discuss about Mozilla VPN app. Also, we will cover the offered features, Pros and cons of this app. If you are looking for a comprehensive review about Mozilla VPN app for android, read this article till the end.

Our comprehensive review about Mozilla VPN app is trustworthy because we have tested this app to provide an unbiased analysis. Our team members have examined its performance, benefits, and compared it to other popular VPN services. This guide will assist you in making a well-informed decision.

Mozilla VPN App Review Expert Opinion

Introduction – Mozilla VPN App

The Mozilla VPN is an android app that is offered by the makers of the Firefox browser. This app helps hide identity and provides security while browsing and all your online activities. The Mozilla VPN app believes in being open and giving users control. It also prioritizes strong security. When you use Mozilla VPN, your personal information stays private. Your identity and online experience are also protected. This tool helps people stay safe online, no matter how much they know about cybersecurity or how often they use the internet.

Hope this information is enough to initially know about the Mozilla VPN app. Let’s move article and discuss the offered features of this app.

Features Mozilla VPN App

Multi-Hop Functionality

Mozilla VPN app protects your information and identity. The app has a feature that is called multi-hop. This feature sends your internet traffic through two servers and making it harder for others to get your information and track activities. This option may slow down your internet, but it is perfect for those who value ‌privacy and security.

Split Tunnel

Mozilla VPN has a feature called app exclusions, which is like split tunneling. It lets you choose which apps won’t use the VPN connection. This is helpful for people who watch videos or play games, because VPNs can make the internet slower.

User friendly interface

The Mozilla VPN app is easy to use and has a simple design. This app is easy to navigate through menus, server options, and settings. This design of the app makes it a popular choice for people who want a user-friendly and attractive VPN.

Device-Wide Protection

The Mozilla VPN app ensures the safety of all your apps that are available on your Android device, like internet browsing, email checking, music listening, and online gaming. The app provides protection and security for all your activities‌.

Server Availability

The app has 100+ servers options in more than 30 countries. This is a great feature to access any blocked content from any location. These servers have a fast speed.

Pros and Cons – Mozilla VPN App

Every android application even Mozilla VPN app has its pros and cons. Some of them are mentioned below for your information:


App by Trusted Brand: Mozilla is a famous name in the internet browsing world. They are recognized for prioritizing user privacy and freedom. The Mozilla VPN app is from a brand that offers Mozilla Firefox Browser also.

Easy to Use: Mozilla VPN app has very easy-to-use and navigate interface, which is a big advantage of this app. You can easily navigate and use every option, even for those who struggle with technology. All you have to do by click on a single button.

Speed and Stability: Mozilla VPN app is fast and does not take a time when you are watching your favorite TV serial or show. The connection is always available when you need it.

Value for Money: When we consider the key features and benefits of Mozilla VPN app, the Mozilla VPN app is a good value because it has great features and benefits. The service is really good, but it’s also affordable.

Device Compatibility: No matter, if you are an Android user, iOS user or a Windows user, the Mozilla VPN ‌app is available for every device. The app is available on its official website for every device.

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The Mozilla VPN app has many good points, but it’s important to also mention its Cons. Let’s discuss them now.


Limited Server Selection: The Mozilla VPN app has a lot of servers, but choosing a specific location or server is quite difficult. Users may face difficulties finding the location or server they want. This is a big issue for beginner even pro level users.

No Ad-Blocking Feature: The Mozilla VPN is a good app that protects and secures personal information from third-part access. The issue is that Mozilla VPN app does not have any ad blocker feature. This issue may be faced when users prefer browsing without ads.

Single Device Limitation: Mozilla VPN app is compatible with other devices like iOS and Windows. The drawback is that you can only use this app on a single device at a time. If you want to use it on multiple devices, then you may consider other options. (We already wrote an article on our website about the Best Free VPN apps for android).

Limited Advance Features: Mozilla VPN app offer multiple features and options to use. As an advanced user, this app does not offer enough features like split tunneling or a kill switch.

Is the Mozilla VPN app a good choice for you? Despite some drawbacks, its ease, dependability, and affordability may make it worth considering. Let’s checkout the method of downloading and installing Mozilla VPN app for your android device.

How to Install Mozilla VPN App

Mozilla VPN App

Downloading and installing Mozilla VPN for android is very easy. Just follow the undermentioned steps carefully.

Go to Google play store or Click below button

Click on Download option and wait until downloading completes.

Once downloading and installation completes, Open it.

Allow permissions to run smoothly (if required)

Select server location and enjoy the VPN service.

Final words

Is Mozilla VPN a good privacy tool? It has benefits and drawbacks: strong privacy and user-friendly, but lacks advanced features and has limited servers. Suitable for basic VPN needs and strict privacy standards, but advanced users may prefer other options.

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