5 Best VPN for Android Phones in 2024

VPN (Virtual Private Network) app helps to protect your internet connections and hide your personal identity from hacker. In this technology era, mostly internet service providers, agencies and hackers try to track your location and online activities. No matter which device you are using for web surfing, shopping or banking. You are on the target of these hackers. So, in this situation VPN will help you and protect identity and devices from them.

There are a number of VPN applications are available on the Google Play Store. Some are paid and some are free. In this compressive article, we will cover the 5 Best VPN apps for android phones. We will also cover the pros, cons and features of each application for your information.

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ExpressVPN along with Pros, Cons and Features

Hide.me VPN along with Pros, Cons and Features

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5 Best VPN for Android Phones in 2024

What is VPN and How it works?

VPN or Virtual private network, is application that help you to hide personal identity and protect your device and connection. On VPN applications, there are multiple servers are available from all over the world. With the help of VPN app, you can access any website or application from any country.

Some time, when we are trying to surf any website which is banned by internet service provider or government agencies. In this situation, VPN app will change your location and unblock that website or app.

In short, you can hide your IP Address and redirect your traffic through virtual connection by using any VPN company service. You can change your any location and surf website from any country instead of your original location.

Using VPN application is a legal. But it’s depended on you that which type of activity you perform on your device. Before using the VPN service while visiting any website or application, read terms of use of website and application. You can not use VPN service while surfing on any illegal website or Dark web browsing. But you are surfing any illegal website or app, you may face hurdles from different government agencies.

List of 5 Best VPN apps for Android

There are many VPN android applications are available on the Google Play Store. We are here to discuss about the 5 Best VPNs for Android devices. All information is collected from different public resources, expert opinions and user review. We will discuss the pros, cons, features and pricing of each application. So, read this article till the end.


ExpressVPN is the top rated and popular VPN for android phones. ExpressVPN has more than 500 servers around the world. ExpressVPN also offer a wide range of features to secure you data from hackers. ExpressVPN has 50 million downloads on the google play store with 4.5 stars rating.

Let’s checkout the pros and cons of ExpressVPN:


ExpressVPN has fastest servers that are located in more than 50 countries.

ExpressVPN support different languages like English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese and more.

ExpressVPN provide inbuild speed testing tools to check the uptime and downtime of your connection.


This VPN has no support via phone call.

With this VPN you can connect only 5 devices at once.

This VPN is mostly recommended by experts and users due to offered features. Let’s explore features of ExpressVPN for android.


Privacy and security: ExpressVPN hide your IP address and protect your data from third-party agencies and hackers. ExpressVPN also encrypt your connection with advance technology options.

Trusted servers: ExpressVPN contain more than 500 servers that secured and protected with advance security layers. No one can access your personal information. The server has very lightweight and available every time.

User-friendly design: The user-interface of express VPN is very friendly and easy to navigate. No matter you are beginner on pro user. You can easily navigate every option.

Split Tunnel: With the help of this feature, you can easily bypass VPN while using any application. ExpressVPN has split tunneling features that help you to bypass VPN connection during any app usage.

Here, it is very important to mentioned that ExpressVPN is a paid application. You can also use trial package to explore all information, Simple go to the play store and install this VPN on your android device to explore.



ProtonVPN is also an innovation of the same team member that’s brought Proton mail. Proton email service is one of the secured and protected email service. The also promise the same thing that ProtonVPN also help you to secure your data from third-party agencies and hide your identity. ProtonVPN offers wide range of features and options. Let’s checkout the pros and cons of the ProtonVPN for android.


You can use Unlimited internet data while using ProtonVPN.

200+ fastest servers are available to use.

No required payment or payment information during signup.


Only 3 locations are available for free users.

ProtonVPN does not unblock Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and other steaming platforms.

Torrent site using or downloading is not allowed in ProtonVPN.

As we already mentioned in this section that proton VPN for android offers a wide range of features to its users. Let’s explore some notable features of ProtonVPN.


Advanced Security: ProtonVPN offer multiple type of security features like secure core, Kill Switch and Tor over VPN. These security options help you to unblock the sites, encrypt the data and redirect the traffic through protected servers. With the help of these security features, your identity is protected from hackers.

Network Coverage: ProtonVPN contains 1000+ servers that are located in more than 50 countries. You can choose any server from any country. Also, ProtonVPN support P2P sharing, this feature helps you to share files with any users.

User friendly interface: ProtonVPN is very easy to use and navigate any option. You can easily connect with any server in just on click. Also, this VPN available for different devices like Windows, macOS, and iOS

High Speed Connections: ProtonVPN is one of the fastest and high-performance provider VPN. You can use unlimited data while streaming or downloading. Enjoy unlimited data usage with ProtonVPN.

These are the notable features of ProtonVPN. In short, ProtonVPN is the best VPN for android phones with unlimited fastest servers and connection. There are multiple subscription packages are available but you can still use this VPN with free plan. Download and app and explore more about ProtonVPN.



The third VPN in our list is Windscribe. Windscribe is also a popular VPN that is available for different type of devices like Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. You can also use this VPN as extension in Firefox and chrome browser. But we are here just focusing on Android VPN, so we will try to explore as an android application. Windscribe is available on google play store with 4.5 rating. This app has more than 10 million downloads. There are multiple features and option that offer by this VPN app for users, Let’s explore all features, pros and cons of Windscribe VPN for android.


Windscribe offers free version to explore all premium options.

More than 10 servers are available in Free plan.

No payments detail required during signup


No Real Human live chat option available.

Only 10 GB mostly data usage limit for users.

Some features are restricted in free version of Windscribe VPN

Let’s checkout the features of Windscribe VPN:


Unlimited Connections: Windscribe offer unlimited connections to connect all your device at once without any restrictions. This feature is rarely found in other VPN apps.

Worldwide Servers: Windscribe servers are available in more than 50 countries and 1100+ cities in the world. You can use any server from any location.

Transparent Privacy Policy: Windscribe VPN follows strict no logs policy, that mean Windscribe does not track or store your activities.

These are some notable features of Windscribe VPN. Let’s talk about subscription packages of Windscribe for android. Windscribe offers multiple subscription packages monthly and yearly. You can also use Free plan to checkout the options. Download the Windscribe VPN and explore more.


Surfshark is another popular VPN application. This VPN helps you to hide your IP address and protect your personal information. Surfshark VPN has more than 1000 servers in 50+ countries. Surfshark VPN is new in market but grow rapidly among use due its incredible features and options.

Let’s explore the features, options, pros and cons of Surfshark VPN for android.


Surfshark VPN have inbuilt GPS location spoofing tool to change your location in one click.

Support APK file to use Surfshark VPN on TV Boxes

Surfshark contain more than 20 inbuilt cybersecurity tools.


Limited support option via Phone call.

Surfshark does not have any independent logging policy audit option.

This VPN is not reliable for Chinese users.

Let’s Explore the features of Surfshark VPN as per the expert opinions.


MultiHop: In Surfshark VPN you can connect your device with multiple countries location at once. This feature helps you in security and anonymity.

CleanWeb: This is the amazing feature in Surfshark VPN that help your surf on internet without annoying ads. This features block ads, trackers, malwares and protect you from phishing attacks.

Whitelister: With Surfshark Whitelister feature you can allow any android application to bypass the VPN. This feature is very helpful when you are using any website or application that does not allow VPNs.

Unlimited Devices: You can connect multiple devices at once while using Surfshark VPN. You can protect as many devices as you want in just one subscription.

These are notable features of Surfshark VPN. Let’s talk about the pricing of Surfshark VPN. Surfshark VPN comes with a free trails plan, but to access the advance features, you need to purchase a subscription according to your budget. If you want to know more information, feel free to visit the website or download the app on your android device.


The last VPN in our list is Hide.me VPN. This VPN application is also popular among users. Hide.me comes with a wide range of features that help you to protect your identity. This application is also available for different devices like windows, macOS, iOS. Let’s explore the pros and cons of Hide.me VPN.


Hide.me is the good option if you are doing live streams

Hide.me VPN comes with a free version that help beginner users.

Low power customization option is one of the plus points of Hide.me VPN.


The Security Audit feature is dead since 2016.

Limited Customer support

It is also mentioned that these pros and cons are collected from different public online resources and review. You must explore the pros and cons of hide.me VPN while using this application of your device. Let’s talk about the features of Hide.me VPN.


Hide.me VPN use AES 256-bit encryption technology to provide top line security standards.

Hide.me VPN offers a SOCKS proxy to protect your data from specific application or website.

You can also Bypass VPN service while using any application with the help of Split Tunnel features.

I hope this information about hide.me VPN is enough for your information. If you want to explore more about this, simply visit the website or download the app for more.

Common Errors While Using VPN

Here are the common error that you may face while using any VPN service on your android phones. Checkout the problems and their solutions:

 Connection Failed Error

When this error comes while using any VPN for android, simply change the location or server. Try to connect different location during this issue.

Slow Speed

Mostly VPN has slow speed server. If you are a free user, then you may face limited speed. If you have already purchased any subscription, just to use green signal connections.

Disconnect Frequently

If you facing this issue while using VPN app, just try to check power saving options on your device. Simply turn off the power saving option and use VPN.

Final words

This is complete information about the 5 Best VPN for android phones. Just choose any one of them or simply try one by one. According to expert opinions and user reviews, these VPN offer high speed connections and multiple security options. Just checkout these.

If you have any query about this, simply contact us by using comment section, contact us page or through email.

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