Download PikaShow APK V86 Free (Latest Version 2024)

Many people frequently search “PikaShow apk Download” on Google, to get complete information. If you are also among those users, I recommend you to read this entire article. Furthermore, the article also includes links for downloading PikaShow APK for both Android and PC devices.

Download Pikashow Latest Version for android

In this article we will cover the undermentioned topics:

What is Pikashow app and How it Works?

Features of Pikashow app

Live TV Channels on Pikashow app

How to download and install app on Computer or laptop?

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What is Pikashow app & How it Works?

Pikashow app is like a magic box for movies, shows, and sports on your phone. Pikashow is an app that contains a lot of entertainment content in one place. You can also call this app a huge library that is full of your favorite stuff to watch, all in your pocket.

In Pikashow app, you can find movies from all over the world, TV shows that everyone talks about, and even live sports games. It is like having a ticket to a big stadium right on your phone screen. Pikashow offers its users a wide variety of video content, including Bollywood, Hollywood, regional and international languages.

Pikashow app is really easy to use. You need to download the app from play store of the provided links below and create a free account and type what you want to watch, and holla! It shows up right there for you. Furthermore, if you need subtitles or want to change the picture quality, Pikashow also has these features. We will cover all features of this application in this article.

It is also mentioned that, Pikashow app is premium application. Without a subscription, the app provides only a 7-day trial period before restricting access to premium streaming features. It’s important to be aware that the PikaShow monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription packages are very costly.

Overall, the combination of PikaShow streaming and its additional features offers a perfect entertainment package for those users who are in search of fun. Furthermore, the app gathers positive response, whether it’s used on Android phones, iPhones, or even devices operating on Windows.

PikaShow stands out in the competitive market due to its supreme range of features, making it a favorite among users. This app is very easy to use for all types of users. Even those without extensive tech know-how can navigate and utilize this app seamlessly without requiring external assistance.

However, there’s a catch set by the developers. The premium features of the app are exclusively accessible to permanent subscribers, while free members are limited to a 7-day trial period. For those interested, visiting the Pikashow Official page provides insight into the latest subscription deals available.

Pikashow features can be broadly categorized into two sections: Live Streaming and Integration Options. These sections work hand in hand; for instance, when streaming a movie, adjusting video quality, sound settings, and subtitles becomes essential for a customized viewing experience.

In essence, PikaShow boasts a plethora of built-in attributes that are easily accessible to anyone. Let’s delve deeper into the most notable features of Pikashow and explore their practical utility and benefits for users.

One-Click Download Option

PikaShow simplifies the process of downloading content by allowing users to acquire movies and TV shows with just a single click. While live sports or dramas streaming can’t be downloaded, the app’s on-demand content can be easily fetched.

The Download Manager within the app provides a user-friendly interface, offering insights into ongoing and completed downloads. This feature is a game-changer, enabling users to enjoy their favorite content offline without hassle. The straightforward procedure—selecting the desired material and clicking the Download button—makes it accessible for users of all ages and tech abilities.

In-Built Video Player

Among its standout features is the advanced built-in Video Player in PikaShow. This player is incredibly versatile, offering a range of formats like MX Player, MP3, MP4, and more. Users have the freedom to play multiple videos simultaneously, catering to diverse format preferences across different devices. Its adaptability allows for seamless viewing experiences and accommodates various file types, ensuring compatibility and a smooth playback experience for all users.

Chromecast Option

PikaShow’s inclusion of the Chromecast option adds a whole new dimension to the viewing experience. With this feature, users can effortlessly cast their smartphone screens onto a larger Smart TV display, expanding the entertainment from a small phone screen to a bigger, more immersive setting. The one-click Chromecast function simplifies the connection process, making it accessible for users who seek a larger display for their movies or shows.

Subtitles Supported

PikaShow’s support for subtitles with every video enriches the viewing experience for users worldwide. This feature ensures inclusivity, allowing viewers to enjoy content in various languages or access subtitles if they’re missing from a particular video. With support for over ten online subtitle platforms, users have the flexibility to search for and integrate subtitles seamlessly, enhancing understanding and enjoyment of diverse content.

Customizable Video Quality

The customizable video quality feature is a boon for users with varying internet speeds. PikaShow offers a spectrum of video qualities ranging from HD to 240p, enabling seamless streaming even in low-bandwidth conditions. Premium users enjoy the added advantage of adjustable playback quality up to 4K, providing an immersive viewing experience tailored to their device and internet capabilities. This versatility ensures that users can enjoy their favorite content without compromising on visual clarity.

Multi-Language Support

The multi-language support in PikaShow caters to a diverse audience, offering an inclusive experience. From English, French, Chinese, and Arabic to Indian languages like Tamil, Bengali, and Marathi, this app is all about uniting people by offering entertainment accessible to speakers of various languages. Its aim? Breaking down language barriers for a more inclusive user experience.

Simple User Interface

Despite its myriad features, PikaShow maintains a simple and optimized interface that’s easy to navigate. Occupying a mere 15 MBs of device storage, the app’s efficient design ensures that users can swiftly grasp its functionality within a short span. The app’s easy-to-use interface makes it easy without help.

Adjustable Stereos

PikaShow goes the extra mile for audiophiles and those who take their audio seriously. The app supports various sound systems and allows easy customization of sound settings. Users can choose from built-in sound options to effortlessly personalize their audio experience. The interface is designed for intuitive use, making volume adjustments as simple as a swipe and providing seamless transitions between audio players for an enhanced auditory journey.

These features collectively contribute to making PikaShow a comprehensive and user-centric platform, catering to a wide range of entertainment preferences while ensuring ease of use and accessibility for all users.

Features of Pikashow apk

PikaShow extends subscription plans for users seeking access to its premium offerings. These plans span different durations like monthly or yearly subscriptions, each carrying distinct benefits and pricing. Through the app’s settings or dedicated subscription section, users have the flexibility to explore and pick the subscription that best aligns with their entertainment requirements and personal preferences.

The main feature of Pikasow app is a huge collection of movies. In Pikashow app, you can find thousand of the movies collection from any film industry like Indian, Pakistani, Hollywood and many others. Pikashow app always update their movie libraries with new released content frequently.

The amazing point of their audience is that they love watching movies according to their genre and industry choices. That’s why, Pikashow app also works on collections and you can find or watch movies content like action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, musicals, and mystery. Let’s expand more about this.

Hollywood: Enjoy a vast collection of Hollywood movies, a real treat for movie enthusiasts.

Bollywood: Dive into the diverse world of Indian cinema with a range of Bollywood films.

Tollywood: With a recent update, PikaShow now features Telegu movies in his app.

South Indian: Find and watch popular South Indian movies, all available in PikaShow app.

Lollywood: Surprisingly, PikaShow even offers movies from the Pakistani Film Industry.

Not only movies, live TV channels are also available to access through the app. If any TV channel is banned in your region, you can use Pikashow app to watch the live channels according to your interest. Pikashow app contains 500+ live channels. If you are from India or any other country just download the Pikashow app and watch your favorite live tv channels and programs.

Some of the TV channels are as follows:

Start Plus: This TV channel is the top rated entertainment channel in India and also among Pikashow audience.

Sun TV: You can also watch news, tv shows and dramas of Sun tv using Pikashow app.

Goldmine: Goldmine is one of the largest movie broadcaster TV channel. You can also watch goldmine movies on your phone using this amazing app.

Color TV: Colors is the mostly watched Indian TV Channel globally; that’s why, the PikaShow app add this channel in his app.  

The OTT feature on PikaShow is a major crowd-pleaser and one of the app’s most impressive offerings. It gives you direct access to various popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ullu, and Voot, among others – a fantastic lineup!

The good point of this app is that, it saves a lot of money that you did spend on these platforms. PikaShow lets you enjoy almost the same perks and benefits as the exclusive members of these OTT platforms, and that’s a win-win!

Let’s take a closer look at what you get access to:

Netflix: Premium clients get one-click access to Netflix via PikaShow. Plus, you can download loads of videos without many restrictions.

Amazon Prime Video: Yup, you can reach Amazon Prime Video through PikaShow’s premium membership too.

Disney+ Hotstar: For all the sports enthusiasts out there, PikaShow helps you get into the action on Hotstar hassle-free.

Altbalaji: It’s an adult video streaming site in India, and guess what? PikaShow also lets its valuable customers use it for free.

So, PikaShow not only brings you a massive library of content but also hooks you up with these big-shot OTT platforms, making your entertainment world a whole lot bigger without burning a hole in your pocket

Pikashow Apk for android Phones

Here is a simple guide to download and install PikaShow on your Android phone. Before starting installation of the app, make sure that you have a stable internet connection and also check the app requirements. Follow the undermentioned steps:

Step 1: Download the Latest App: Click on the download button below to get updated PikaShow App. Click on the download button below to generate your downloading link.

Step 2: Adjust Security Settings: Once the apk file is downloaded, go to your Phone’s Settings. Find the Security Option and enable “Unknown Sources.” This step allows Pikashow app ‌to access your device storage.

Unknow Resources android

Step 3: Install the App: Go to your phones File Manager app or visit the Download manager to find the PikaShow APK File. Click on the app ‌and start the installation.

Step 4: Grant Permissions: During installation, you may be asked for some permissions like access to your Gallery, Media/Library, and Location. Grant these permissions to complete the installation smoothly.

Pikashow app permissions

Step 5: Start Using App: Click the icon to open the app, verify it and then you are all set to start using PikaShow app and explore its features and content.

Installation process of Pikashow app for iOS is different than android. Amazingly, there is no any other additional requirements for this app to start on iOS devices, like root your phone or using and assistance software. If you are iOS users and want to install Pikashow app in your device, follow the undermentioned step carefully.

Step 1: Go to the Apple app store on your phone and search “PikaShow” by using the search option.

Step 2: After finding the matching results, choose the app and click on verify.

Step 3: Click the download button and wait till the downloading process complete.

Step 4: Start the installation process and complete it by required permissions.

Holla! Pikashow app is now installed on your device. You can use this app without any limits. This is the simple and easy way to install this app on your iOS device. Read this article for more information about Pikashow for iOS.

There is good news for desktop device (Computer and laptop) users that you can use Pikashow app on your device also. The process of app downloading and installation is similar as for android devices. The desktop user needs an additional software to run android app on your laptop and computer.

Follow the undermentioned step to launch android emulator on computer and laptop:

  • Visit the official website of Bluestacks or Nox Player software by using google search.
  • Download the software and install it on your device.
  • Once installation completes, launch the android emulator on your device.
  • Add google account on your android emulator app and follow the same process that mentioned for android phones.

Now enjoy the Pikashow movies, TV channels, dramas, web series on your computer and laptop as well. You can also read the complete article about PikaShow for PC here.

As we already mentioned that we provide the third-party developer app which is free for all users. Mostly users face issues while using this app on their devices, we mentioned some issue that mostly users face. Follow the issues and their solutions.

Pikashow app not Working: Simply uninstall the app and download the updated version of pikashow app from our website and use it on your device.

Log-in Issues: Use one Gmail id per account and do not share your id and password with anyone.

Unable to Connect to Server: Simply refresh the app two or more time or simple re-start your device. 

App not Connecting: Slow internet is the cause of this issue. Use high speed connection while using Pikashow app on your device.

Final words

In simple words, PikaShow is one of the top-rated streaming application that is now available on the internet. We also try to briefly discuss this app, features, subscriptions and other. You can also verify each point that we mentioned in our article by downloading the updated app using our website. To get updates about this app, you need to bookmark our website in your browser. You can also contact us to get the most recent updated file of Pikasow Apk.


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