Atlas VPN Review – Free VPN For Android Phones

In today’s digital world, every single user uses the internet to surf the browser and also they need to protect their identities and information. In this comprehensive article we are here to solve your problem and provide a review about one of the best free vpn for android phones, In this article we also share the offered features, pros and cons of the same app. After reading this review, you will be able to decide whether this free VPN app is suitable for you or not.

Basically, we are reviewing here the Atlas VPN App. On the Google Play Store there are many 100+ apps are available that offer free VPN service, but we select one of them and write a review on Atlas VPN App. So read this article till the end and learn amore about this free vpn app for android phone.

Atlas VPN Review – Free VPN For Android Phones

Introduction – Atlas VPN App

Atlas VPN App was launched in 2019. This VPN is operated by Peakstar Technologies Inc company. Atlas VPN App is known for its low cost, great features and options. Atlas VPN App has 5 million users all around the world as per Google Play Store. Atlas VPN is a secure and fast VPN that uses military-grade encryption to hide your local IP address while browsing online, streaming, joining video calls, gaming, or downloading.

As per the wikipedia details, Nord Security made a deal to add Atlas VPN to its collection of cybersecurity brands and products on October 15, 2021. Even though Atlas VPN operates separately, it still works towards its own objectives in the “freemium” VPN market. In February 2022, Atlas VPN gave free one-year premium VPN memberships to journalists in Ukraine as a show of support.

In February 2023, Atlas VPN got 3rd place in TechRound’s VPN53 list for the most innovative VPN companies in the U.K. and Europe. By August 2023, Atlas VPN had over 1000 servers in 49 different places around the world.

How Atlas VPN App works

Atlas VPN App is also like other VPNs that offer the same services This app protects your online information and changes your IP address. With the help of this, no one can track or record your online activity, including third parties, internet service providers, or the government.

Atlas VPN App is also useful for accessing content that is blocked in certain regions and for torrenting securely. To use Atlas VPN, just connect to one of its server location. After successfully connecting, this will create a secure pathway for your computer’s data. Your data will be encrypted and sent through this pathway. When all your information and data reaches ‌Atlas VPN’s servers, it will be decrypted and then sent to the website that you are visiting. This makes it look like the request came from Atlas VPN’s servers, keeping your data safe and hidden from third party service providers. Let’s explore the features of Atlas VPN App.

Atlas VPN App

Features Atlas VPN App

Atlas VPN App offers a wide range of features, some of them are mentioned below:

Security Shield

Atlas VPN Security Shield protects users from online threats by preventing them from using malicious websites, blocking malware, and preventing phishing. In this digital time online scams are increasing, so Atlas VPN helps users to avoid phishing scams. Overall, Atlas VPN offers a comprehensive solution for online safety and privacy.

Multihop servers

Atlas vpn’s multihop servers feature enhances privacy and security by routing connections through multiple servers. This feature provides enhanced security through double VPN encryption, making it difficult for anyone to access and read data. It also offers extra IP protection, hiding your real IP address behind multiple newly assigned IPs.

Atlas VPN’s unique multi hop VPN technology adds server rotation, enhancing privacy and security. This technology combines the benefits of regular VPN servers with double VPN/Multi Hop, making online activity virtually untraceable while maintaining double encryption.

Split Tunneling

Atlas VPN App has a feature called split tunneling. Atlas VPN split tunnel feature allows users to choose which apps or websites use the VPN connection and which one uses a regular internet connection. The Atlas VPN split tunneling feature allows users to effectively manage their internet traffic and improve the performance of specific apps. By enabling split tunneling for certain apps, users can access local content while remaining connected to the VPN. This ensures that the rest of their data remains secure.

Kill Switch

The kill switch feature of Atlas VPN safeguards user data by automatically disconnecting the device from the internet if the VPN connection is disrupted. This prevents any unencrypted data from being vulnerable to exposure. This feature reroutes internet traffic via an encrypted VPN tunnel, ensuring protection even in unstable connections. The Kill Switch also protects against IP leaks, blocking access to the internet and preventing online entities from obtaining the user’s real IP address.

Data Breach Monitoring

Atlas VPN App provides data breach monitoring to alert users if their personal information is compromised. This service scans publicly available databases for credentials linked to email addresses and alerts users if their information has been leaked. Users can easily track the security of their personal information online and receive instant security alerts every time their information surfaces in a new data compromise.

Pros and Cons – Altas VPN app

Let’s checkout the pros and cons of this free vpn app for android.


Unblocks most streaming services: Provides a significant advantage for users requiring access to geo-restricted content.

Includes web filters for ad-free browsing: Enhances user experience by minimizing disruptions from intrusive advertisements.

Uses high-performance WireGuard® protocol: Ensures efficient and secure data transmission for a reliable connection experience.

Offers live support for immediate assistance: Enhances customer experience by addressing queries in real-time.

Provides built-in 2FA login for enhanced security: Enhances user accounts.

Offers a free version with limited features: Provides an introductory experience before committing to a paid subscription.

Offers 30-day money-back guarantee for paid subscriptions: Provides a risk-free opportunity to assess app’s suitability and performance.


Based in the US, causing concerns for users prioritizing privacy regulations.

Smaller server fleet compared to industry leaders, potentially limiting server availability and performance.

Pricing Plan and Comparison.

FeaturesAtlas VPNCyberGhostHotspot ShieldProton VPNExpressVPN
Unlimited devices✔️
MultiHop servers✔️✔️
24/7 support✔️✔️✔️✔️
WireGuard protocol✔️✔️✔️✔️
10Gbps servers✔️✔️✔️✔️
Password less login✔️✔️
PriceUSD 1.70/moUSD 2.19/moUSD 7.99/moUSD 4.99/moUSD 6.67/mo

How to Install Atlas VPN App?

Would you like to download Atlas VPN on your Android phone? Here’s how:

Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone and search “Atlas VPN” or click the button below to download.

Tap “Install” button to download the app on your phone.

Once it’s finished, click “Open” button to launch the app.

Follow the instructions and grant the necessary permissions.

You can now select any location and server to safeguard your privacy.

That’s all! You now have Atlas VPN set up on your Android. Enjoy the service!

Final words

Atlas VPN is a secure and easy-to-use VPN service. It has strong security measures and many servers. Atlas VPN makes browsing safe and lets you access a wide range of content by getting around location limits. Some people may not think the server network is as big as other VPNs. Atlas VPN is a good option for people who have specific needs and priorities.

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