5 Best Free Applock for Android Phones

On our phones, we store a lot of important material like pictures, messages, and apps and we use them every day. To keep all that safe, we need to lock them. Mostly new mobile phones have inbuilt features to lock their apps and galleries, but in some android phones, you need additional softwares to lock your android applications and media files.

If you are looking for guidance about Best AppLocker apps for android phones, then this article is for you. In this article we will discuss about 5 Best AppLocker apps for android phones. Also, we cover the features and other information of each application too. So read this informative guide till the end.

5 Best Free Applock for Android Phones

List of 5 Best AppLocker apps for Android

On the internet, there are thousand companies available that offer applock apps for android. In this article, we will discuss the 5 Best app lock for android. Let’s move on to our article and explore each application.

Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock

Norton App is Developed by popular antivirus company “NortonLifeLock Inc” The app is easy to use and provides a simple way to lock your apps. Norton app lock allows you to set up a delay time for locking the app, which is a very useful feature for those users who don’t want to enter a PIN or pattern every time they open the app. One of the main advantages of Norton App Lock is that this app is ad-free. Let’s explore further about this app like features, pros and cons.


Customized App Lock: The best feature of Norton app lock is customizable app lock options. You can select which app you want to lock. Whether your photo gallery, social media accounts, or banking apps

Intruder Selfie: If your phone is stolen or lost, this feature helps you. If someone enters the wrong password or pattern three times, Norton app automatically takes a selfie with your front camera of the phone and stores it in your phone.

Parental Controls: If you are a parent, you know how hard it is to keep your kids from accessing certain apps. With Norton App Lock, you can easily control which apps your children can use.

Multi-Layered Security: Norton App Lock provides multiple layers of security. You can choose between a traditional password, a unique pattern, or a fingerprint lock.

Ad-Free: Norton app lock is an ad-free application. You can enjoy without any interruptions.

Along with amazing features, Norton app also has its pros and cons. So let’s check it out.


Multiple locking options like password, pattern or fingerprint.

Take intruder selfie when some one access phone with wrong password.

Trusted company offered by Norton Antivirus


Accessing advanced features requires a premium subscription

Limited compatibility with some devices

No support option for free user.

All in one, Norton app is the best and popular AppLocker app for android. Use this app on your android device and protect your private stuff. If you need more information, download Norton app for android and explore more information.

AppLocker by BGNmobi

AppLocker by BGNmobi

BGNmobi company also offer an amazing applocker application for android users to secure your apps and files on your device. In this section of our article we will cover all information about “AppLocker by BGNmobi including pros, cons and their notable features”. So read this article to get more information about this app.


Lock Apps with Pin or Pattern: With the help of this applocker, you can choose the type of lock for your apps and files.

Invisible pattern Lock: This is the best and amazing feature for security that you can lock your apps by using invisible pattern.

Different profiles for Different time: You can create multiple profiles for different time like lock social media apps while office timing and unlock same apps when you are at home.

Time Lock: This feature to setup the locking and unlocking time. With this feature you can lock and unlock the apps according to your time.

Location lock: This feature is also notable in that you can set some apps to lock or unlock according to your location. For example, you want to lock your work email when you are near your home, or unlock your home apps when you are near your house.

These are the notable features about the app that offered by BGNmobi company. Let’s explore the pros and cos of this app locker app.


BGNmobi AppLocker offers high security options to protect apps from unauthorized access.

Applocker supports multiple locking methods like pin, password, pattern.

Applocker uses low resources that run without affecting on device performance.


The free version of the app has limited options and features.

The app’s theme options are also limited to customize the design of the lock.

Applocker by BGNmobi does not offer cloud backup.

In a simple word, “AppLocker by BGNmobi” is a user-friendly app that offers enough options and features to enhance your privacy. Download the app on your device and explore more about this app.

Applock by DoMobile Lab

Applock by DoMobile Lab

Security plays an essential role in the dynamic digital world where we live and cellphones are the key to our personal lives DoMobile Lab” company standout and offer an amazing applocker for android phones to protect your digital apps and files. This

In addition to basic requirements, DoMobile Lab’s “AppLock” offers a strong firewall against illegal use of your apps. This app gives priority to simplicity and making it easy for anyone to secure their android apps and files. Let’s explore the features, pros and cons of this app.


Pattern, PIN, and Fingerprint Locks: Enjoy flexibility with multiple lock options, including patterns, PINs, and fingerprint recognition.

Photo & Video Vault: AppLock also offers protection of your media files and provides a vault feature to store digital content privately.

Intruder Selfie: This app also captures a snapshot of anyone attempting unauthorized access.

Time-based Locks: Schedule specific time periods during which specific apps are locked.

Hide App Icon: Maintain protection by hiding the AppLock icon from your home screen

These are features of this app. Let’s checkout the pros and cons of this app.


AppLocker has a user-friendly interface. This app is easy to use.

Applocker by DoMobile Lab also offer photo vault to protect videos and photos

The app also captures intruder selfies and provides an extra layer of security and reduces security threats.


The free version of the app contains promotion ads.

Customization options and features are limited for the free version.

This app does offer any backup options to store settings of the app during update.

“AppLock by DoMobile Lab” is a user-friendly application that offers useful security features and options to protect our digital apps. If you want to checkout the features of this app, simple download it on your android device and explore the features and options.

AppLock – Fingerprint by SpSoft

This android application is a fingerprint-based applocker app that is specially designed to protect your digital life and sensitive information. This applocker is developed by SpSoft, that offers a secure and straightforward solution for protecting apps and sensitive information. The software is made for people who enjoy technology and appreciate how easy it is to secure programs with a single tap. Let’s checkout the features, pros and cons of this android application.


Fingerprint Lock: Now you can lock and unlock any android application by using your fingerprint

Intruder Snap: Capture a snapshot of anyone who tries to attempting unauthorized access

Customizable Themes: Personalize your AppLock experience with a variety of themes

Low Resource Usage: This AppLocker is designed specially for low specification devices. This app uses low resources and does not impact on your device performance.

Fake Lock: You can even hide the fact that lock the app with fake error window.

Let’s checkout the pros and cons of this app


The fingerprint lock feature makes accessing your secured apps quick and hassle-free.

The intruder snap feature is a notable feature of this app.

AppLock offers a range of customizable themes to enhance your security experience.


Compared to some competitors, AppLock has limited access to the advanced features This applocker does not offer backups.

The free version of AppLock contains promotional advertisement.

“AppLock – Fingerprint by SpSoft” brings simplicity and efficiency to app security. While the app may lack some advanced features and includes ads in the free version, its focus on user-friendly fingerprint unlocking and visual intruder records makes it a reliable choice for everyday smartphone users. Checkout the further information by using below link.

AppLock by IvyMobile

The last applocker app in our list is developed by IvyMobile company. AppLock by IvyMobile” is made to keep your digital life safe. Its intuitive UI facilitates simple navigation and makes app locking a snap. IvyMobile offers a digital fortress that protects your apps, texts, and images, appealing to both tech buffs and those who are unfamiliar with smartphone security. Those users looking for a simple security solution, this app is a great option.

Let’s checkout the features, pros and cons of AppLock by IvyMobile for android phones.


Secure your apps with simplicity. Choose between a PIN or pattern lock options to protect your device applications.

This app also offers to hide photos and videos by using inbuilt vault option.

Get notified when someone attempts to access your apps without permission.

Set time limits for app access. This feature is perfect for managing screen time or ensuring your privacy during specific periods.

AppLock operates efficiently without draining your device’s battery and uses low resources.


AppLock’s simple and easy to use interface to navigate and customize security settings.

Provide multiple lock options like PIN and pattern locks

Use low resources and does impact on device performance.


The free version includes ads, which may interrupt you while using.

Required subscription to access advanced options and features.

Unlike some alternatives, AppLock by IvyMobile does not offer a fingerprint lock option.

In simple words, “AppLock by IvyMobile” is a user-friendly application that offers essential features for securing your apps and media. While the free version includes ads and lacks some advanced features, its simplicity and efficient operation make it a solid choice for users prioritizing straightforward app security. Checkout the app for more information.

Final words

This article provides a comprehensive guide on the top 5 AppLocker apps for Android, covering Norton App Lock, AppLocker by BGNmobi, AppLock by DoMobile Lab, AppLock – Fingerprint by SpSoft, and AppLock by IvyMobile. Choose any app and use it on your device.

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