5 Best Mutual Fund Apps in India 2024

Mutual fund investment is a great way to grow idle money in the long term. With 44 Asset Management Companies (AMC) in India and over 2000 schemes, tracking them can be cumbersome. However, with the best mutual fund apps in India, you can easily track, manage, and invest in different schemes on one platform, as well as track all your external mutual funds from the same place. In this article we will explore the 5 Best Mutual Fund Apps in India. If you are looking for a guide about this, read this article till the end.

Features in Good Mutual Fund App

Choosing the best investment app in india is a quite diificult task, but if you considered the undermentioned features while choosing the investmenet, you may get very good results.

Safety: Features like two-factor authentication, biometric login, automatic log-out.

User Interface (UI): Clean, hassle-free, easy login, redemption, new SIP creation, and easy import of external MF investments.

Portfolio Management: Manages entire Mutual Fund portfolio from a single platform.

Excellent Analytics: Provides detailed and graphical depiction of individual and portfolios with historical data.

Choice of AMC: Partnering with numerous AMCs for easy scheme selection.

Strong Advisory: Provides personalized risk-based investment choice.

Comparison tools: Offers tools for different Mutual Fund schemes.

Charges: Option for zero commission direct investment schemes.

Paperless KYC Process: Digital in-app KYC process for new investors.

5 Best Mutual Fund Apps in India 2024

5 Best Mutual Fund Apps in India

Mutual fund apps for Android and iOS devices offer various features for investment, including direct investment in SIPs and lumpsum purchases. These apps allow users to track NAV, manage their portfolio, and create online SIPs from home. Some also assist in registering for new paperless KYC. These apps are considered the best for direct investment in India. Let’s explore each app one by one.

myCAMS App

myCAMS App

MyCAMS is an RTA that manages the AMC of Mutual Funds, including Aditya Birla Sunlife, DSP BlackRock, HDFC, HSBC, ICICI Prudential, IDFC, IIFL, Kotak, L & T, Mahindra, Parag Parikh MF (PPFAS), SBI, Sriram, Tata, Union, Sundaram, and BNP Paribas MF. MyCAMS is the best mutual fund app in India for direct investment, tracking new Funds Offers (NFO), starting new SIPs, and purchasing lumpsum MF units. The app offers a 4-digit Passcode or Pattern type login feature, allowing users to start digital SIPs within 7 days of registration. Let’s Checkout the features of MyCAMS app.

MyCAMS App Features:

Direct investment of Mutual Funds with no broker fee.

DigiSIP start within seven days of online registration.

In-app investment in multiple mutual funds with a single one-time mandate form.

Track MF portfolio using PAN Card or email ID.

NFO Service for new fund offers.

Adhaar-based eKYC system.

Enhanced consolidated realized gain statement.

MyCAMS App DrawBack:

Inability to create digital customers via eSign.

Lack of link to Mutual Fund AMCs.

Enabled biometric or face ID login.

No comparison tools for fund selection.

Inability to track external Mutual Investments.


KFinKart Investor Mutual Funds

KFinKart is a mutual funds app by Karvy MFS, allowing users to manage, track, and invest in various mutual fund houses in India. The app offers features such as Axis Mutual Fund, Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund, BOI AXA Mutual Fund, Canara Robeco Mutual Fund, DHFL Pramerica Mutual Fund, Edelweiss Mutual Fund, Essel Mutual Fund, IDBI Mutual Fund, Indiabulls Mutual Fund, Invesco Mutual Fund, JM Financial Mutual Fund, LIC Nomura Mutual Fund, Mirae Asset Mutual Fund, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund, Principal Mutual Fund, Quantum Mutual Fund, Reliance Mutual Fund, Sahara Mutual Fund, Taurus Mutual Fund, and UTI Mutual Fund.

KFinKart App Features:

Direct investment in Mutual Funds schemes.

Add new bank account by uploading canceled cheque image.

Seamless investment of multiple folios from a single app.

Transaction in family and minor portfolios.

Track NAV of different Mutual Funds.

One-touch login with Facebook, Google, biometric, and Face ID.

Live NAV notifications.

Consolidate mutual fund statements.

User-friendly interface.

KFinKart App DrawBack:

New customer creation not possible via digital eVerification.

Cannot import or track external Mutual Fund investment.

Only applicable to AMCs with Kfintech RTA.

No online comparison or analytic tools for fund selection.


ET Money

ETmoney is a comprehensive SMS-based money manager by Times of India Group, offering direct schemes of mutual funds and a single platform for managing spending and tracking external investments. Users can sign up digitally with valid PAN and OVD documents, and in-person verification can be done using the phone’s camera. The app offers multiple investment options for various deposit and insurance schemes, including ELSS, Tax Savings, and health insurance, with KYC verified status required. ETMoney Genius allows users to create an expert-based goal-oriented mutual fund portfolio for small charges. Let’s discuss about the features and drawbacks of this amazing app.

ETMONEY App Features:

Direct Mutual Funds scheme with zero brokerage fee.

Digital account creation for new customers via Adhar eSign.

Real-time tracking of CAMS and Karvy Mutual Fund transaction statements.

Expert-based risk-adjusted Mutual Fund investment option.

Instant switch from regular schemes to direct schemes.

Portfolio analysis tools for investment health check.

SMS-based money manager for expense analysis.

Option to invest in other deposit schemes like low-risk FDs, SGB, and NPS.

Insurance products and NPS investment option.

ETMONEY App Drawbacks:

Chargeable for expert advice-based portfolio creation.

Groww App

Groww App for android

Groww is a discount broker and mutual fund app that offers direct investment in multiple schemes with zero commission. The Groww app allows users to switch between regular investment funds and direct schemes for free. New investors can create an investment account digitally using Adhar eSing, PAN verification, and linking bank accounts. The app also allows users to add or withdraw funds to their Groww wallet and invest in mutual funds without logging into their bank’s website. UPI Payment is enabled for instant fund addition. The Groww app allows easy tracking of external Mutual Fund investments, with the app fetching them within minutes or directly via Gmail. Users can invest in over 5,000 schemes from all 44 AMCs in India, with their units stored in CDSL or NSDL demat accounts. Let’s checkout the features and downsides of this app.

Groww App Features:

Complete eKYC using Adhar eSign and digital eKYC.

Invest in Direct Mutual Fund schemes without commission or transaction charges.

Buy or redeem multiple MFs and create a new SIP.

Provides an intuitive dashboard for portfolio tracking.

Allows creation of a Watchlist for tracking Mutual Funds schemes.

Facilitates quick mutual fund investment without bank website login.

Offers SIP Calculator and SIP Comparison tools.

Downside of Groww app:

Chargeable for all Mutual Fund units.

Zerodha Coin

Zerodha Coin for Android

Zerodha, India’s leading discount broker, offers the Coin app, a free Mutual Fund investment platform. Users can invest in direct schemes or start fresh SIPs with a Zerodha trading and demat account. The app allows users to create a free trading account and complete KYC processes from mobile. Units purchased from the Coin app are stored in Zerodha’s CDSL or NSDL demat account. Users can also create eMandates for direct debits and invest in Exchange-traded Funds. Let’s move to checkout the features and explore more information about this app.

Zerodha Coin Features:

Direct mutual funds schemes investment without advisory fees.

Simple dashboard with clutter-free interface.

No transaction fee on MF units.

Free digital account opening and demat account creation.

One-time digital mandate for auto deduction of SIP amount.

CDSL demat account for mutual fund units.

Zerodha Coin Drawbacks:

Demat AMC charges for unit maintenance.

No tracking of external mutual fund investments.

Final words

Mutual Funds apps in India are available for Android and iOS users. Popular AMCs and Fund Houses have their own apps available for installation on Google Play or iOS App Store. These apps allow users to manage their investment portfolios and transfer portfolios to third-party apps, eliminating the need for separate mobile apps for each mutual fund house.

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