5 Best Job Searching App for Android Device

Job seekers need efficient and effective job search apps that blend seamlessly into their busy lives. These apps ensure every step of the job search process, from navigating job listings to organizing applications and sharpening interview skills, is efficient and effective. By considering career goals, job seekers can find their dream job confidently and easily, avoiding wasted time and wasted resources. In this article we will discuss about the 5 Best Job Searching app for android. Also we will cover the features, Pros and Cons of each application. Let’s get started.

5 Best Job Searching App for Android Device


Job Search by ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a top marketplace for job seekers and employers, with over 100,000 visits in a month. With 56% of US workers working from home part-time, ZipRecruiter offers tools to help find remote work. As an all-in-one job search engine, resume research tool, and job aggregator, it helps employers push one posting to over 100 job boards and store all applications in one location. ZipRecruiter is rated #1 by employers and receives 4 out of 5 quality candidates on the first day. However, there are pros and cons for job seekers, such as a focus on remote work and a focus on quality candidates. Let’s explore the features of this amazing app.

ZipRecruiter App Features:

Instant posting to over 100 job boards: Job postings are automatically posted on various job boards including Job.com, Glassdoor, Medjobbers.com, Resume.com, eBay Classifieds, CareerBliss, and Jobr.

Application tracking: Users can receive notifications about applicants and can opt-in to receive email notifications for new applicants.

Detailed application tracking dashboard: Tasks include rating and sorting candidates, tracking the time from application to hire, and sending automated emails for scheduling follow-ups and interviews.

Auto-replies: Users can use auto-replies when an applicant reaches a certain stage of the hiring process or customize their responses for a more personal touch.

Job posting optimization: Options include optimizing job posting, posting to LinkedIn jobs, using the TrafficBoost service, and adding custom screening questions.

Job posting data: ZipRecruiter provides a wealth of posting performance data to help decide if additional promotion is worth it.

Resume search tool: The tool has over 12 million resumes, allowing unlimited resume searches and uncovering potential job candidates.

Mobile app: Available for Android and iOS, the app makes it easier for job seekers and employers to view, rate, and get in touch with those who just applied.

ZipRecruiter: Pros and Cons:


Features candidate search and application review for easy organization and filtering.

Allows employers to close and open new job slots as soon as they fill roles.

Quick job post distribution for reaching more qualified candidates.


Can lead to low-quality leads and unfinished applications.

Doesn’t post to larger job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder, or Indeed.

All applications will come into the same dashboard, requiring sorting by job listing.

Advertising costs can be prohibitive for small businesses.


Indeed Job Search

Indeed is a popular job board site known for its user-friendly design and ease of use. It is a popular tool for job seekers to search and filter job postings. Businesses can also benefit from its reasonable pricing and large reach. Although it caters to entry-level and lower-level professionals, it is not considered an executive search tool. A comprehensive review of Indeed can help businesses determine if it is the right solution for their needs. Let’s explore features of indeed app for android.

Indeed App Features:

Comprehensive job search database, including job postings on other sites.

Resume upload or use Indeed’s resume builder.

Save resume application to avoid rewriting information.

Track job applications and receive notifications when employers respond.

Over 700 million company ratings and reviews.

Over 1.1 billion salaries searchable by job title, company, and location.

Flexible work options including remote, side jobs, freelance, part-time, and remote work.

Job listings may be created and provided by third parties, not Indeed.

Indeed App Pros and Cons:


Simple resume posting process.

Large database of candidates not found on other job boards.

Offers free job postings.

Lacks a search feature to identify the most qualified applicants.

Time-consuming process of notifying rejected candidates.


Inefficient screening of vendors who post fake resumes.

Lack of basic information on applicant dashboard.

Database search function does not allow selection between self-applied candidates and those posted by third parties.

Potential for a world-class job board, but lacks significant improvements.


Monster Job Search

Monster app is a massive job listing platform with millions of job postings and resumes uploaded annually. It offers a vast array of options for job seekers, attracting large numbers of applicants. Monster.com is optimized for mobile, with high marks on the Apple App Store and Google Play. This makes Monster’s services more convenient and caters to the growing smartphone-centric world, benefiting both job candidates and employers. Let’s checkout the features of Monster App for Android.

Monster App Features:

Offers a wide variety of job listings for both entry-level and executive candidates.

Allows multiple filtering options including customizable keywords and location-based searches.

Provides industry overviews and career advice for large industries.

Offers a comprehensive blog for career advice.

Provides resume assistance and professional resume writing for an additional fee.

Helps manage social media presence, including LinkedIn profiles.

Offers a four-day free trial for employers.

Promotes job opportunities on affiliated sites for increased reach.

Assists employers in creating a brand-right presence on its site.

Monster Job Posting Pros and Cons:


Easier job posting on Monster platform.

Provides excellent alerts when applicants submit for open positions.

Easy segmentation of applications for faster sorting and selections.


Need for autofilling resumes from applicants provided information.

Applicants complain about filling in all fields for their applications.

Request for greater transparency and updates on application sharing, opening, or review.


LinkedIn: Jobs & Business News

LinkedIn provides businesses with access to the world’s largest professional network through easily searchable job postings. The platform offers industry-leading profile tools, including multimedia options for job seekers. Searching through applicants is a breeze, and many search functions are available for free, whether you post a job or not. Users can post one free job at a time, and receive a recommendation on promoting the job post for a daily or total budget amount. However, free job applicant predictions can be low. Let’s explore more about LinkedIn app for android phones.

LinkedIn App Features:

Job Search: Find jobs and connections through LinkedIn network.

Job Alerts: Set up job alerts for companies currently hiring.

Job App: Easily apply for jobs and set up job alerts.

Business News and Insights: Stay updated with business news and company content.

Social Networking: Use profile-building tools to enhance connections and expand social network.

Build Your Business Community: Find groups or communities that share interests on LinkedIn.

Network on the Go: Connect with new contacts and industry experts.

Social Networking for Businesses: Gain new opportunities.

Resume: Job finder, professional profile builder, and online CV creation.

LinkedIn Job Search Pros and Cons:


Customizable screening questions.

Automated process with auto-rejection email.

Offers high-quality candidates.

Sometimes offers different positions for candidates not fit for the job.


Limited skills options in job description.

Limited screening questions with awkward wording.

Advertising selection may not accurately represent candidates.


Glassdoor | Jobs & Community

Glassdoor is a platform used by job seekers and employers to manage their job search. Job seekers can access insider information on a company’s culture, compensation, and benefits. Employers can use Glassdoor to manage their company’s reputation and attract top talent. Employers can create and modify their company profile, highlight their culture, benefits, and more, view and respond to reviews, acquire insights from audience analytics, and compare their profile performance to competitors’. Let’s checkout the features of Glassdoor app for android.

Glassdoor App Features:

Workplace Conversations: Connect with work people in anonymous “bowls” for work-life connections.

Salary Transparency: Ensures fair salary for all positions, enabling confident negotiation.

Company Reviews & Ratings: Provides insights on culture, compensation, leadership, and work-life balance.

Simplified Job Search & Easy Application: Automates search, alerts for new postings, and allows quick application.

Diversity & Inclusivity Insights: Filters company ratings by gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and more to find diverse and inclusive employers.

Glassdoor app Pros and Cons:


Provides insights into company culture, leadership, practices, and processes.

Offers insights into role average salary and interview process.

Facilitates branded campaigns for quick hiring.


High cost for employers.

Need to prevent rating rigging by encouraging positive reviews.

Need to discern if negative reviews reflect employee frustration rather than the organization’s true image.

Final words

ZipRecruiter, Monster, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn are top job search apps for Android, offering features like remote work options, pricing, and quality candidates. These apps help job seekers make informed choices and optimize their career search process.

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